Finalizing My Last Assignment, English For Workplace Communication

No matter how busy I was in the last few days, I still be able to allocate my time doing assignment. Now, I am doing the last stage, finalizing my  last assignment, English For Workplace Communication which must be printed in hard copy and hand it over in the class, tomorrow.

Doing the assignment is quite tough, as a business development manager need to understand the health supplement products. Need to find 2 companies with similar product and do comparison which is the best and why.. the one that I do not like the most are creating the situation describing the need for changes, cost and benefits involved.

You are asked to write a report based on the situation below.
As a Business Development Manager, you have gone on a business trip abroad for your company to meet with potential new suppliers of health supplements. Write a report to your Managing Director informing him of the progress and outcome of the trip. 

So.. like usual still not enough words. Must be more than 2500 and less than 3000 words. I already written all the main points with the description and yet.. still not enough. Praying for more ideas to come...

p/s:  have a break for a while.. to add this post entry...

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  1. ala..bestnye dapat pegi digi award..tahniah mia.. :)

  2. All the best sis..
    U can do it !
    May Allah Bless U :D

  3. @echaRierie thanks... akhirnya siap dengan 2998 patah perkataan... tetiba jadi banyak pula.... heheheh... yang penting mesti siap punya....

  4. @Mia Liana.. ada simpan lagi x assingment tue??? kena tajuk yg sama la.. nak tgk format.. please.. huhuhu

  5. i pun tgh buat topic yg sama. got any idea for me?