DiGi WWWOW Awards Night with Lee Xi Wen

"Lee Xi Wen, top 6 nominee for Online Shop of the Year and Must-Follow Personality. He has a vision of transforming conventional business through IT oriented entrepreneurship and passionate about international public speaking. 

He is very impress with Mia Liana's campaign for the DiGi WWWOW awards. She communicate to her fans of her blog through T-shirts, Videos, Facebook, Twitter and many many other online channels. Mia Liana's 2nd place finish in the Blogger of the Year is a testimony of her success.

Lee Xi Wen hopes to see Mia Liana continue her journey of communication through blog and social network, to be a winning example for Malaysia's younger generations. As Mia would always say, Smile...Smile...Smile..." - Lee Xi Wen

WWWOW! Very nice. The friendship, the unspoken one is so precious. Thank you so much for appreciating my effort and this blog. Do you still remember him? He received the Top Kay Poh Awards on behalf of her sister. If you want to connect with Lee Xi Wen, do visit him at www.leexiwen.com

p/s: photos taken by Stevie @ Arif ....

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  1. Salam 1 Malaysia Wahh !!! Mia 1 Malaysia 1 Blogger.

  2. Dear Mia Liana,

    Thanks for the nice post and thanks Stevie for the beautiful photos.

    Keep blogging and keep our Malaysia
    s flag flying high on the online world.

    May we continue to lead our online community to another level.

    I'll see you soon. Till then, Smile...Smile...Smile...

    Lee Xi Wen

  3. wahhh... tahniah. mak dara & mia liana jadi header gambar dah.

  4. WWWOW!!!! congrats to Lee Xi Wen!!

    Memang tag line Mia ni sempoi dan best.. senang diingati oleh sesiapa sahaja.. so proud to know you =)

    Adzrien: tankiuuu.. tks to Mia sebab sudi meletakkan gambar Mak Dara di headernya.. satu penghargaan yang tak terkata oleh Mak dara.. tks Mia..!!

  5. @Lee Xi Wen thanks a lot Xi Wen... nice knowing u... a humble person..