Entering Final Semester For My Study In Open University Malaysia

I am really happy now. This is my final and last semester for Bachelor of Information Technology in Open University Malaysia (OUM). Next Sunday (8 January 2012) will be the registration day and module collection for this semester. Really pray that this January 2012 will be my last semester. Only 2 subjects left which are Project (6 credit hours) and Malaysian Studies (3 credit hours).

So many things happened, with lots of challenges came into my life during my study. After married, continue studying, and getting baby. Indeed, very tough. Having through a difficult experience with patience and strong will. Now, I felt I had made the right choice by selecting Open University Malaysia to continue my study.

Four years of experiences here, facing changes of academic assessments including online assignment submission, MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) format for final exam, similarity checking for assignment and others. OUM getting stronger and bigger with more matured and organised way especially when handling many students right now. I feel very proud of OUM....

Hopefully, my friends will also try to complete their studies no matter what happen in the middle. Don't give up.

p/s: expressing my opinion....

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  1. nnti leh mintak cdgan or pandangan ngan kak mia la kalau nk further study kt oum :)

  2. kagum ngan semangat akak..all d best..

  3. tahniah kak mia,u r my inspiration,saya baru sem 6

  4. Congrats! Wish u all da best kak (^^,)

  5. tahniah Mia.. proven u memang hebat,, kerja lagi, anak lagi, study lagi.. & blogger aktif... Tahniah... berbaloi segala usaha ni..

    semoga dipermudahkan utk semester akhir ni...

  6. wah.. bestnye akak dh final sem..
    sy pun final yr gak..hehe.. ^_^