Mia with Director of OUM Johor

After completing the registration for this semester at noon today and collecting the OUM module, we had our lunch at cafetaria. Before we went back home, we met the Director of OUM Johor, Encik Abdul Rahim Mohamed Amin. Just chit chatting... while waiting for the rain to stop. Long time no see. Not easy to meet him. But this time I was lucky.

I was so shocked when he informed 2 good news to me. The first one, Mia is featured in Students Testimonials section under STUDY@OUM at OUM official portal www.oum.edu.my. The second one, Mia also being featured in OUM Propectus 2012 under What Learners Say at page 14. Really surprised me, and I was really happy that time. Having said that, I was totally speechless. Thank you so much OUM.

p/s : last but not least, thank you so much Encik Abdul Rahim, you are really supportive and very kind....

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