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Thursday, 17 June 2010

# Project Alpha

Project Alpha Season 2 Instant Cash Blogging - The End

How I am gonna miss this Contest. I would like to review back articles that I posted for this contest. I earned instant cash blogging for most of the entries published except for 2 entries which was not listed under the first 50 entries.

Can't imagine how I quickly did the entries when the question coming out, checking the question most of the time whenever..wherever... When I think of that.. a bit funny and the precious moment was we get to know each other better and create good relationship among us in this great contest....

Unlisted Entries
  1. My Version of Grooming Tips
  2. How Many Wiggies?

Listed Entries (Earned RM20 each)
  1. My Dream Destination
  2. Road Trip with My Broadband
  3. Camera, Rolling, and Action3! (Earned RM40 + P1 Bag)
  4. My Message to AIDSAware
  5. Shaolin Tiger for the Adidas Ole KO Challenge!
  6. Celebrities Who Stink
  7. My Sweetheart Smells Like Adidas Action 3 Intensive
  8. Gimme Food on Flights
  9. Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 2
Hope to get lucky next time. Thanks a lot Nuffnang. Eagerly waiting for the next season.


  1. akak de menang x contest project alpha ni?

  2. entri yang listed tu yang menang dan dapat duit RM20...

    entri yang unlisted tu yang tidak berjaya...

  3. wow..congratss..otomatik dpt rm180..yeahhh..!!

  4. wah...gigihnya..
    masa last2 week tu payah sebab dia update masa saya tgh balik kije.
    so, memang tak sempat la.
    x pe, nest time la.=)

  5. salam.... wah2...patutlaa sy x dpt, rupernyer dier udah bolot yea?? ehehehhehe.... ala, kalo kontest2 ala2 speed neh mmg sy ketinggalan coz berat nk bwk body....ehehhhehe

    anywy, taniah atas rm200 yg dpt itu, btuilah...gonna miz the contest even sy dpt abuk jeks...ehehehh

  6. he he... sofia penah menang satu jer rasanya.... yang lain ada la silap kat mana2... biasanya pasai nak embeded kan episodes tu malas sket.... apapun, congrats!!!

  7. sop x pernah mmg.. jeles dgn mia..