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Thursday, 3 June 2010

# Project Alpha

Gimme Food on Flights

Like usual I will always keep on checking on the Project Alpha Instant Cash Blogging page. Want to be the first 50 bloggers. Not that easy. Competition is very much high, like I told you in my previous entry for this Project Alpha.

What dish you’d like to have on flights? This must be my favourite dish… Nasi Goreng Kampung… ala-ala kampung style. It is delicious and the big important thing I want to tell you… feel like ummmpphh… really love it. Eat it while it is hot. Sure you will be satisfied… And then somemore drink with teh tarik... Hmm.. what a great experience.

You know flying will be bored if no favourite food to eat. Don't argue, just my opinion. So, for long distance, we need to fill in our stomach, right? And sure need  a lot of varieties to choose from. Not just sleep only… Should do other things…

Nasi Goreng Kampung is a type of fried rice, traditionally flavored with pounded fried fish(normally mackerel), though recently fried anchovies are used in place of it. Don’t forget to put sambal  to have that kick taste. Hot become hotter. Spicy become spicier.

This dish menu is an attractive way to promote Malaysia. Travelling while promoting our own traditional dish. Simple to cook and simple to eat. I just wonder how to cook this on the plane. Just imagine how it will look like… hmmm thinking of my kitchen suddenly...Whatever it is don't let your stomach empty on your flights... 

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Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Never go hungry while flying with MAS!


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  2. hai mia...betul sgt...normaly for 1 hour journey selalu dpt air je...kalau 11/2 hour ke atas baru dpt food....favorite menu served by MH recently nasi goreng/ nasi lemak with chicken rendang or satay....huhu....bagus gak wat gini at least MH boleh tukar menu baru yang lebih mantopppp!!!

  3. wah mesti semangat naik flight kalau menu macam-macam kan

  4. haah... memang best... satu tarikan...