Final Exam For January 2012 Semester

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Another subject left for this semester is Malaysian Studies. I supposed to take this subject during my first year of study. But actually I don't really interested with this subject until I postpone it to my last semester. Now, you know my weakness...

So, I will try my best to study for this. There is a unique and awkward feeling when you force yourself to study the subject that you dislike. Uncomfortable and easily get bored dealing with history, social politics and law terms.  Not easy as what you expected. Have to lie myself to study. Maybe this subject is easy for others but for me it is too difficult. I'm telling you the truth. 

The one that I don't really like the most is.. the final exam format for this subject is MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) type. What to do... have to face it also. This means that there is one question and the answer, either A, B, C or D. Looking back to past, the questions were very tough and yet the answers were almost similar. Meaning that you have to choose the best answer for it. 

A bit sad now...

26 April 2012  - Malaysian Studies (3.30 - 5.00 pm)

p/s: this week I'm finalising my assignment for this subject... next week is the due date... huhuhu...

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  1. Good luck. Multiple Choice memang susah unless you really ingat subject matter. My accounting lecturer used to trick us by always giving 2 choices that are not right but if you calculate using the wrong principle, you thought that was the answer. So, all the best, akak tak tau Malaysian studies macamana tapi hope you pick up the right choice.

  2. Gud luck mia..mak pun dah check date exam, terus rasa nak demam. Hahaha..

    1. terima kasih mak.. arini mia terus demam... hehehh