My Final Project At Open University Malaysia

It's been a while since I'm not writing my entry post in English. Feeling very lucky as my progress for my final project runs smoothly as I planned.

Firstly, I took the whole week for on leave during Chinese New Year in order to study the criteria and the requirements of my proposed system for this project. At first, I thought I want to use PHP programming and MySQL but after a great thorough analysis, I decided to use Visual Basic programming, with Microsoft Access 2007 as the database and Crystal Report for the reporting purposes. Have to make it enough within 4 months.

I intended to develop a system that is designed to manage and record the course activities provided by Food Handling Training School under the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The input of the system are Course, Trainer, Payment and Participants. The system be able to do some processing and calculation. Moreover, it can printout certificate of attendance, produce certain reports and statistics of food handlers.

I referred to as many books as I could and also taking into consideration the source from the internet. I did read a lot to increase my knowledge in programming skills. Really need big effort or otherwise you will be stuck.

Secondly, I took on leave for one week... last week in order to finish up my programming codes with full concentration and focus. Module by module of the system being developed. After that, the integration part where the data can be passed from one module to another module. Also not forgetting the calculation processes and importantly, the Structured Query Language (SQL), used for data manipulation (add, edit, delete record). 

Encountered some of the errors wisely and this week is the phase of testing where I will enter the real data to the system. Next week, is to test whether the report can be generated correctly.

Before end of this month, March, I will start to do the project documentation... the one with the hard cover.

Time is not really enough, but have to make that time enough for us to finish the final project. Good luck to other OUM students as well....

p/s: a great thanks to my project supervisor

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  1. gd luck kak mia... sound tough but this program punye career sgt byk.. teringat time praktikal dlu student blja programming ni mmg hbt.. dan2 nk amik programming jgk.. :)

    1. terima kasih naniey... sudi bagi support kat kak mia... huhuu.. kalau tak siap ni, boleh menangis dibuatnya....

  2. all the best kak mia. may Allah ease ur project. :)

  3. all the best kak mia..

    ayah kita pun dah grade oum..walaupun dah berusia still belajar g..u can do it..much

    1. oh ye ke? tentu best kan? terima kasih support kak mia ya...

  4. assalam kakmiA,,akak nye supervise final projek siapa ye?sbb saya xtau pape nak wat prOjek utk dis sem,,xbyk gUideline dr OUM :(

  5. Assalammualaikum Sis ,

    nk tnya la ... sy pon tgh prepare my final project paper, nk binding tu , kena pakai hardcover biru tu ke? cmne ek? konpius sy..