DiGi WWOW Awards 2012 - Official Launch & Press Conference

Well.. DiGi WWWOW Awards 2012 is back now! But this time is different with more categories, more sponsors, more prizes to be won. A very prestige award for those who really love the internet - blog, twitter, facebook and other social media. This is the platform for you to expose yourself. Anyone can win this award no matter whether you wwwow or not!

So, yesterday I did attended this very awesome event DiGi WWOW Awards 2012 - Official Launch & Press Conference with Mak Dara and her families. At first, we got lost somewhere nearby Subang Hi-Tech although using the GPS. Luckily, after half an hour we reached the DiGi office.

We had nasi lemak for breakfast... so nyummy.. then like usual chit-chatting with other invited guests. Almost 100 hundred people were selected to attend this event. Very cool..

Straigthaway after that, we went to courtyard with a very nice view to witness the Official Launch & Press Conference of DiGi WWOW Awards 2012. Sulin Lau from DiGi gave brief explanation of how the awards will be organised and also introduced the new sponsors.

You may have a look at the DiGi WWWOW Awards 2012 page... click HERE.

Let's look at the photos... zassss..

So sweet... So happy... So nice...
looking forward for the future (click on the photo to enlarge)

p/s: after having our lunch.. we had 3 training workshops in the evening....

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  1. unforgetable moment... This year the award is gonna be urs Mia... U got my undying support!!!!!!!!!

  2. alaa... category dia mcam tak besh je this year..

  3. ai ? mak dara sorang je ke ? takkan lupa ? Ali ade sekali kut. main guli sama2 kat sane. -.-

    sudi komen entry i tak ?

    Qamar Hashim : 8 tahun sudah di gelar 'Pro Photographer termuda'

  4. saya vote untuk auntie mia n auntie mak dara..ibu yang suruh.saya nak masuk juga.boleh ke auntie?