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Saturday, 3 March 2012

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Malaysia’s Most Haunted Places

1. Highland Towers, Genting 
The famous Highland Towers. In 1993, a whole block collapsed, leading to 48 deaths and from then on, multiple reports of hauntings and things that go bump in the night. Now, especially since that the apartment isn’t exactly in the best shape and is surrounded by overgrown jungle, Highland Towers might just give you one heck of a shock the next time you’re there. 

2. Abandoned Bungalows, Bangsar 
This location couldn’t be pinpointed by the source over at a local online forum, but reportedly has djinn, pontianak, and other spirits haunting these Bungalows. There’s a slew of the other stories around the abandoned bungalows, notably a story about a guard going crazy and murdering some children

3. Kellies Castle, Perak 
While there’s never been a sighting at Kellies Castle, there are reports of doors opening and closing on their own, as well as piercing screams in the middle of the night. Creepy enough! 

4. St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh 
A school built in 1912 by Catholic missionaries, St. Michael’s Institution was used as a base for the Japanese in WWII, and was also reported a torture chamber. Till this day, it’s said a monk can be seen praying in the fourth floor chapel, headless. Yeah, seriously. 

5. Karak Highway 
The Karak Highway is home to numerous freak accidents and paranormal activity, with drivers reporting the invisible presence of ‘another person’ with them, whether it be a car or motorcycle. Beyond that, there’s an urban legend of a yellow Volkswagen that may chase you on the highway- carrying a ghostly passenger. 

6. Lady Templer Hospital, Cheras 
Apparently haunted by a ghost of an old lady, the Cheras Policlinic (as it’s also known) may be inhospitable for the intrepid ghost hunter- some eyewitness accounts place the ghost as unwelcoming to ‘cari pasal’ ghosthunters. 

7. Villa Nabila, Johor Bahru 
Situated on a hillside facing Johor’s popular Danga Bay, Villa Nabila is prime property, which may lend credence to the stories that it’s haunted, as a prime property house like that isn’t commonly abandoned. Apparently the family home to a rich family, the house was robbed and the occupants killed, leading to it’s current haunting at the hands of the restless souls within. Some intrepid ghost hunters have reportedly gotten ‘lost’ in the villa, only to escape at dawn, and no sooner.

8. Aeroplane Bungalow (Mona Fendy’s house), Behind Leisure Point, Cheras 
For those who don’t know, Mona Fandey was a popular bomoh back in the 90′s, and reportedly used black arts to help many politicians achieve power. She was executed in 2001 for murdering politician Mazlan Idris in 1993 while conducting a ceremony to invest him with power. It’s reported that Mona, along with her husband, had Mazlan lie down while they conducted a ceremony, before dismembering and partially skinning Mazlan. At her execution, she claimed “I will never die,” and her house is supposedly haunted due to the black arts she practices there

source : email

p/s: This good information is nice to be shared. Hoping that you , my dear fellow readers will get rid of these places for own sake or to be more careful next time....


  1. scary enough bila tengok picture.. without explanation pun da tau haunted.. errr..

  2. tengok gambar pun dh scary camne nk g dekat2 ye...hehe

  3. no 2 and no 6 tuh rasanya seeckers dah pernah buat penyiasatan .. tapi lupa season berapa .. Kellies Castle , Perak memang berhantu lah ugak .. my adik saudara pernah kena .. dia rasa macam ditolak dari belakang masa nak naik ke tingkat atas bangunan melalui pintu lif .. serammmm

  4. Highland Towers kat Bukit Antarabangsa....

  5. karak highway laluan utama saya nak balik KL...waa...taknak memandu malam2..

  6. karak highway, woah volkswagen chase them?
    look like funny thing but scared enough. :D

  7. muja pernah ga kellie castle,, tarikan pelancong tu,, hehe

  8. UUUUUUU seram tu... tgk gmbr pun dh seram... karak yg sgt berhantu tu.... scary !

  9. kalau org yg duk jhr, ramai kot yang suke cari pasal kat Villa Nabilah tu~~

  10. takut tp kesian..bila ada yang mati kat situ seperti dikatakan punca tempat tersebut berhantu..takmo pergi kat tmpt2 ni..lg2 amik gambo hahaha

  11. fuhhh serammm..tgk gmbr pun dh tau..tgk gmbr je dh rase seremm jadi jgn tgk gmbr tu lama2 hehe..

  12. uuii makhluk Allah ada dimana-mana..

  13. gambar rumah bangsar tu dah nampak seram.. blom pergi lagi.. heheh

  14. The last one is in shah alam,i've been there once,and let me tell ya,we weren't welcomed there..dont go there,trust me

  15. sis villa nabila tu wujud lagi...
    dedolu cam pernah nampak la..
    sekarang ada lagi ke?
    kena double check ni ^_^

  16. da pegi villa nabila da...masok sne mmg meremang bulu..

  17. assalamualaikum mia...takut juga info yg menarik ni...;)